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Timothy Leary Archive: Videos

The Timothy Leary Archive covers forty years of lectures, TV guest appearances, performance art, talk shows, and experimental films from Timothy's personal archives.

News report of the start of this collection in February 2009.


movies 98
audio 1

Cultural & Academic Films

The Sixties 12
emerging technologies 11
lectures 8
philosophy 8
Drug War 7
emerging technology 7
War on Drugs 5
Cybernetics 4
Drugs 4
interviews 4
Los Angeles 3
Philosophy 3
Ram Dass 3
Robert Anton Wilson 3
Virtual reality 3
colorado 3
consciousness 3
death 3
documentaries 3
drugs 3
internet 3
los angeles 3
prison 3
prisons 3
ralph metzner 3
software 3
virtual reality 3
Allen Ginsberg 2
Death 2
Japanese television 2
Laura Huxley 2
Memorial 2
Merry Pranksters 2
Mind Mirror 2
New Age 2
Psychedelics 2
Timothy Leary 2
abbie hoffman 2
boulder 2
family 2
hara juku 2
humor 2
internet history 2
john perry barlow 2
michael horowitz 2
politics of the 1980s 2
predictions 2
psychedelics 2
ram dass 2
retinalogic 2
timothy leary 2
unitarian church 2
zach leary 2
1960s 1
1989 1
1990s 1
ABC In Concert 1
Abbie Hoffman 1
American Politics 1
Astrology 1
Autodesk 1
Billy Idol 1
California State University 1
Chaos 1
Consciousness 1
Cyberpunk 1
Dataglove 1
Deborah Johnson 1
Experiments at Harvard 1
Fan 1
Fan video letter 1
Film 1
Fred Hampton 1
George Bush 1
Healing plants 1
Henry Rollins 1
Home movies 1
How to Operate your Brain 1
Huck Finn 1
Information age 1
Irish folk songs 1
Jerry Rubin 1
Joey Ramone 1
John Forbes 1
John Sinclair 1
Ken Kesey 1
Ketamine 1
Memes 1
Millbrook 1
Neuromancer 1
New Thought 1
Personality 1
Prison 1
Prisons 1
Psychedelic experience 1
Quantum 1
Ralph Metzner 1
Reagan 1
Ritualized medicine 1
Rosemary Leary 1
Software 1
Spaceball 1
TV 1
Television 1
Terence McKenna 1
The 1980's 1
The 21st Century 1
The 60s 1
The Beatles 1
The Ramones 1
The Seventies 1
The internet 1
Therapy 1
Timothy Riel 1
Tom Waits 1
UC Santa Cruz 1
UFOs 1
University of California Santa Cruz 1
VPL Research 1
Virtual Reality 1
Virtual Reality glove 1
Virtual Reality helmet 1
William Gibson 1
acting 1
actors 1
aileen getty 1
albert hoffman 1
andrew weil 1
andy wilde 1
anita hoffman 1
apple computers 1
bbc 1
be-in, digital art 1
beatles 1
biography 1
brewster kahle 1
brian shields 1
cafe largo 1
cameos 1
cbs evening news 1
celebrities 1
chaire burch 1
charles manson 1
chief benzinger 1
cindy horowitz 1
claire burch 1
comedy 1
commercial 1
communication 1
computer 1
conspiracies 1
country joe 1
cyber world 1
cyberpunk 1
danny sugarman 1
david eisenberg presents 1
dea 1
dear abby 1
dennis hopper 1
dick katz 1
douglas engelbart 1
dr. inges jensen 1
drama 1
drug war 1
echo salon 1
eldridge cleaver 1
emerson jackson 1
emil schuit 1
empowerment 1
exposition 1
fake news 1
flashbacks 1
folsom prison 1
fort mason center 1
frank barron 1
g. gordon liddy 1
genesis p. orridge, 1993 1
good morning america 1
greg kinnear 1
hbo 1
historical fiction 1
home movies 1
how to operate your brain 1
intelligence 1
interactive programs 1
jack leary 1
joan london 1
joe sparks 1
john bradshaw 1
john philips 1
ken babbs 1
ken kesey 1
kron 1
leary 1
Date Archived
Timothy Leary Archive: Videos
A fan video from a student at the University of California from the 1990's, with footage from an early Burning man.
Timothy Leary: An Interview from Folsom Prison in 1973. The 20-minute movie, "From Folsom Prison," was shot in the summer or fall of 1973. (Tim got out of prison in 1976.) Leary discusses his philosophy, drugs, prison rights, and his life on the run as well as his life in prison. (Prison footage from the 1970's; check out around 17:20 and 22:00)
( 2 reviews )
Topics: Prison, philosophy, drugs, LSD, UFOs, folsom prison, interviews
Timothy Leary Archive: Videos
A documentary called Timothy Leary's Last Trip with Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters by A.J.Catoline, O.B.B.Babbs, and David Herman. Film features soundtrack including previously unreleased Grateful Dead tracks. Original footage of Leary, The Merry Pranksters and the Grateful Dead. Includes narration by author Ken Kesey. Exclusive footage of Leary’s final "Cyber Chat" with Ken Kesey on the internet.
( 8 reviews )
Timothy Leary Archive: Videos
This is a video of a candid meeting at Leary's home with many notable figures of the early days of LSD research. Filmed in the 1970's or early 1980's. The conversation is on LSD.
( 6 reviews )
Topic: LSD
This is a series of video shorts produced by Retinalogic in the 1990's featuring two public service videos of Timothy Leary: "Think for yourself" and "How to operate your brain". A public access television show called How to Operate Your Brain, hosted by Timothy Leary from 1993, with Genesis P. Orridge.
( 3 reviews )
Topics: Consciousness, psychedelics, philosophy, retinalogic, how to operate your brain
This a clip from a televised interview with Timothy Leary at home. Leary discusses emerging technology, the Sixties and the youth culture of the 1990s.
Topics: emerging technologies, The Sixties, The internet, youth culture, 1990s
ABC show "In Concert", featuring Timothy Leary's interview with Billy Idol about the album "CyberPunk." Timothy Leary interviews Billy Idol on ABC In Concert as part of promoting Idol's Cyberpunk album. Timothy Leary and Billy Idol see "cyber" as a way for people to know significantly more about how the world works, and then later subvert oppression. Billy Idol discusses a small amount of the technology behind the Cyberpunk album. He notes about how it was...
Topics: ABC In Concert, Billy Idol, The Ramones, Television, Joey Ramone, Cyberpunk
Timothy Leary Archive: Videos
Growing Up In America: Breathing Together, Revolution of the Electric Family, 1986. A documentary about the spirit of the Sixties and its leaders. Interviews with Allen Ginsberg, Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman, Fred Hampton, Deborah Johnson, John Sinclair, and Timothy Leary.
( 1 reviews )
Topics: The Sixties, Allen Ginsberg, Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman, Fred Hampton, Deborah Johnson, John...
A BBC documentary on the life of Timothy Leary produced in 2000.
( 1 reviews )
Topics: The Sixties, LSD, bbc, documentaries
A collection of video shorts by Retinalogic with Timothy Leary, Henry Rollins and Aileen Getty from the 1990's.
( 1 reviews )
Topics: How to Operate your Brain, Henry Rollins, AIDS, retinalogic, aileen getty
A public access television show called How to Operate Your Brain, hosted by Timothy Leary from 1993, with Genesis P. Orridge.
( 4 reviews )
Topics: philosophy, psychedelic, genesis p. orridge, 1993
Timothy Leary Archive: Videos
A promotion video spot for William Gibson's book Neuromancer, with commentary by William Gibson and Timothy Leary, from the 1990s. This video was used to promote the book to be made into a film.
Topics: William Gibson, Neuromancer
Timothy Leary Archive: Videos
by Brian Shields
This is a news piece created by Brian Shields interviewing Brewster Kahle, John Perry Barlow, Ralph Metzner and Michael Horowitz, and showing the event that took place in San Francisco on February 8, 2009.
( 1 reviews )
Topics: timothy leary, kron, brian shields, brewster kahle, john perry barlow, ralph metzner, michael...
A documentary on Timothy Leary titled "The Enthusiastic Death of Timothy Leary". Featuring Ram Dass, Leary, Ken Kesey, and Ken Babbs. Leary speaks about his life and impending death.
Topics: The Sixties, Death, Merry Pranksters, ram dass, ken kesey, ken babbs, death
Timothy Leary Archive: Videos
Footage of a televised interview with Timothy Leary on the 1980's by Joan London, possibly for Good Morning America. Leary discusses his role as a philosopher, Huck Finn, and the Drug War.
Topics: Philosophy, Huck Finn, The Sixties, Drug War, interviews, good morning america, joan london
This is footage from Timothy Leary's final visit with the Merry Pranksters in Colorado in 1995.
( 3 reviews )
Topics: Merry Pranksters, Ken Kesey, colorado
A documentary titled Prisoners Of The War on Drugs, produced by HBO in 1992. This documentary examines the use of drugs within federal and state prisons with interviews by inmates.
Topics: War on Drugs, prisons, hbo, documentaries
This video is of footage of a lively debate between Timothy Leary and Ram Dass. The topics range from humanism, God, and the differences between them.
( 6 reviews )
Timothy Leary Archive: Videos
by Tail Slate Productions
Expanding Visions: An introduction to the new age movement. Timothy Leary speaks about technology 12 minutes and 40 seconds into the show. This video covers a New Age exposition. Cultural leaders of importance to the New Age movement are interviewed. Vendors promote their commercial interests. Dr. Timothy Leary describes how, in his opinion, the New Age movement is the most hopeful thing for the New Thought movement. He talks about how people will become linguists with respect to the computer,...
Topics: New Age, New Thought, exposition, commercial, salesmen, linguist, technology, computer, internet,...
This is footage from a multi-panel discussion on Drugs that is shot live in New York in the 1980's. The panel discussion on drugs and addiction are with Dr. Andrew Weil, John Philips, and John Bradshaw; via satellite in Los Angeles is Richard Kiel, Timothy Leary and Sarah Jessica-Parker. Produced by Pepsi and presented live across a College cable network (CSN).
Topics: Drugs, Drug War, andrew weil, john philips, john bradshaw, sarah jessica-parker, new york
This is a series of programs taped from television by Leary in 1987. The first is a clip from the CBS evening news about Reagan's pick for the Supreme Court and his past use of marijuana. The second show is a PBS documentary on the 20th anniversary of the Beatles album Sgt. Pepper.
Topics: War on Drugs, The Beatles, The Sixties, cbs evening news, reagan, marijuana, sgt. pepper, beatles
Timothy Leary Archive: Videos
This video is footage from The Afternoon Show from the 1980's. Guests on this episode are: Tracey Gold, Imogene Coco and Timothy Leary. Leary discusses his software called Mind Mirror.
Topics: Mind Mirror, emerging technology, software
Timothy Leary Archive: Videos
by Autodesk
Autodesk Demo Tape on Cyberspace with Timothy Leary. Leary portion begins approximately 5 1/2 minutes into the movie. Timothy Leary describes how cyberspace will allow people to express their explorations into inner consciousness for other people to experience. He sees Autodesk as enabling cyberspace. Timothy Leary only appears at the beginning of the video.
( 1 reviews )
Topics: Autodesk, John Forbes, Spaceball, Dataglove, VPL Research, Virtual Reality, Virtual Reality glove,...
Timothy Leary Archive: Videos
In this footage from a lecture in San Francisco in 1987, Leary discusses the 1960's, Abbie Hoffman, Eldridge Cleaver, DEA, Dennis Hopper, Apple Computers, Cyber Punk, and the Cybernetic 21st Century.
( 1 reviews )
Topics: The Sixties, DEA, Drug War, Cybernetics, emerging technologies, abbie hoffman, dennis hopper, apple...
This is a video demonstration of early virtual reality programs and tools from the 1980's.
Topics: Virtual reality, emerging technologies
This touching video is some footage of friends and family visiting Timothy Leary in his final days. People talk casually within his home and sing Irish folk songs to Tim. Some of the guests included are Jack Leary, Ralph Metzner, and Laura Huxley.
( 1 reviews )
Topics: Home movies, Laura Huxley, Irish folk songs, jack leary, ralph metzner, family
Timothy Leary Archive: Videos
"Timothy and Charlie” A conceptual play based on fictional discussions between Charles Manson and Timothy Leary in jail together. Highlights from a historical fiction stage drama about Timothy Leary and Charles Manson occupying adjoining cells in prison. Contains abstract dancing and visuals during cut scenes. Some of the subject matter contrasts Timothy and Charles' lifestyle with regard to the Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco scene in the 1960s. Timothy discusses how he tries to live up...
Topics: timothy leary, charles manson, plays, historical fiction, drama, prison, 1960s, Timothy Riel
Timothy Leary Archive: Videos
This is some video footage of a lecture in Los Angeles in 1988. Robert Anton Wilson joins Leary on a conversation about politics and quantum physics.
Topics: Robert Anton Wilson, emerging technologies, quantum physics, politics of the 1980s, los angeles,...
This is video footage of a visit that Leary made with some people on May 13, 1990.
( 2 reviews )
Topics: home movies, los angeles
Timothy Leary Archive: Videos
This is a video titled Metamorphosis, produced in 1995 by Mystic Fire Video. It is a discussion between Rupert Sheldrake, Terence McKenna, and Ralf Abraham on chaos and the world soul.
Topics: New Age, Chaos, mystic fire video, rupert sheldrake, terence mckenna, ralf abraham
This video contains three video shorts. The first one is by NASA about the virtual environment display system produced in 1985 at Moffet Field, CA. The next two videos are by Emil Schuit, produced in 1986. Mr. Schuit uses a digital optics with video, The first video is of nature called "Temples of Nature" and the second is of Mr. Schiut showing the process to Timothy Leary titled "Psycho-Symetrics."
Topics: NASA, virtual reality, emerging technologies, moffet field, emil schuit
A video of a lecture that Timothy Leary gave at the Whole Life Expo in Los Angeles in November 1989. Leary discusses the psychedelic to the cybernetic.
Topics: Psychedelics, Cybernetics, emerging technology, whole life expo, los angeles
This is a Men's Fashion Video for an L.A. designer from the 1990's
( 1 reviews )
Timothy Leary Archive: Videos
A video of footage from a trip that Timothy Leary took in Japan in the 1990's. Leary discusses Youth Culture, Technology, and virtual reality.
Timothy Leary Archive: Videos
This is a video of footage from a television show called Extra with guest Timothy Leary from 1981. Leary discusses prison, drugs, LSD, family, cults, and death.
Topics: prison, LSD, family, death
This is a video montage of Timothy Leary in his later years, dubbed with an audio track of Leary talking about consciousness and The Sixties from the 1990's.
Topic: montage, 1990s
In this video there is footage of a lecture in Maryland on Feb. 24, 1990 with Ram Dass and Tim Leary on the Psychedelic experience. (part 1).
Topics: Psychedelic experience, LSD, Drug War, Information age, Ram Dass, lectures
A video short called "The Silicon Valley Show." Starring Ted Nelson, Douglas Engelbart, Rick Mascitti, Stewart Brand, and Timothy Leary as the venture capitalist.
Topics: emerging technology, humor, silicon valley show, ted nelson, douglas engelbart, rick mascitti,...
A music video for R.E.M. "Crushed with eyeliner" directed by Spike Jonze on Nov. 22, 1994. A group of Japanese hipsters lipsynch the song.
Topic: leary
This is a video of footages of Timothy Leary speaking to a high school class, on stage debating G. Gordon Liddy, and talking about personal computers.
Topics: emerging technology, philosophy
This video is a mix of different lectures and shows. The first is a lecture with Q and A at Naropa in Colorado with Ginsberg in the audience asking Leary on a range of subjects including: death, transformation, ketamine and Studio 54. Filmed in 1984. The second outtake is from a 1970's television show of Leary discussing the role of heroes. The third is an excerpt of Leary's lecture on the subject of California in the future from the 1980's. The fourth is an excerpt from the Tom Snyder Show...
Topics: Death, transformation, Ketamine, intelligence, communication, Allen Ginsberg
A music video of the song "California" by WAX, directed by Spike Jonze on Feb. 8, 1995.
Topics: WAX, music video
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Drug Peace forum at Fort Mason Center, CA on June 24, 1995. Produced by Claire Burch. Ram Dass gives a talk about the the Drug War.
( 2 reviews )
Topics: Drugs, Drug War, Ram Dass, fort mason center, chaire burch
A video montage with audio by Timothy Leary on the subject of consciousness from the 1980's
Topics: consciousness, philosophy
This is footage of Timothy Leary giving a seminar on a computer program designed as a personality test using psycho-geometry in a classroom in 1990.
Topics: Personality, emerging technologies, virtual reality, software, seminar, lectures
A lecture in Boulder, Colorado in 1983 with a small group of people with Q & A. Topics range from consciousness to emerging technologies (part 2).
Topics: consciousness, emerging technologies, Experiments at Harvard, boulder, colorado
Later with Greg Kinnear Show, produced by NBC on May 17, 1994 with Guest Timothy Leary. Tim discusses prisons, G. Gordon Liddy, and drugs.
Topics: Prisons, The Sixties, drugs, Drug War, greg kinnear, NBC, g. gordon liddy, prisons
This video is candid footage of Timothy Leary traveling to a debate in Oklahoma with a DEA official sometime in the 1980's. Leary discusses prison life and the debate. There is also a behind-the-scene footage of an interview he gave at that time with Channel 8 News in Tulsa about the Drug War.
Topics: prison, youth movement, Drug War, oklahoma, DEA, tulsa
This is a video of footage from an interview Timothy Leary made in the 1980's for a talk show called Good Morning Bay Area. Leary discusses LSD and his philosophy. Also on this tape is a clip from an appearance on the cop drama called Medium Rare, in this episode, Leary plays a coroner at the crime scene, from the 1980's.
Topics: LSD, philosophy, acting
This is video footage of a roast in honor of Paul Getty at the Cafe Largo in Beverly Hills, Ca in 1991 with speeches by Timothy Leary and Danny Sugarman and Paul Getty.
( 2 reviews )
Topics: The Seventies, Los Angeles, Drugs, paul getty, cafe largo, danny sugarman
This is video footage from the Psychedelic Summit in California around the 1990's with a video address by Prof. Hoffman.
Topics: Psychedelics, War on Drugs, psychelic summit, albert hoffman
This video is of several clips from a futuristic fake news show on Sci Fi Channel from 1994.
Topics: sci fi channel, fake news
In this video of footage of a lecture in New York City for a conference called Sense8 in 1990, Leary discusses emerging technologies and the Cyber World along with audience Q & A with Leary and Robert Anton Wilson.
Topics: Virtual reality, cyber world, emerging technologies, Robert Anton Wilson
In this video there is footage from a lecture on the Psychedelic Experience (part 2) with Ram Dass and Timothy Leary in Maryland on Feb. 24, 1990. A Panel discussion on the predictions of psychedelic drugs for the year 2000 by Tim Leary, Mark Wyman, Andy Wilde, Laura Huxley, Emerson Jackson, Robert Zanger, Ralph Metzner and Terrence McKenna.
Topics: Healing plants, Ritualized medicine, predictions, Ram Dass, Laura Huxley, Ralph Metzner, Terence...
This is a documentary titled How Timothy Leary Changed My Life, a film by Claire Burch. (part 1) Recollections by several people about LSD experiences and meeting Leary himself.
Footage from a lecture at the University of California Santa Cruz, in 1989. Leary discusses the future of interactive programs and his development of the Mind Mirror program for an audience of computer students.
Topics: Software, Mind Mirror, emerging technologies, virtual reality, lectures, University of California...
This video is footage from a live interview with Timothy Leary via satellite for a television program in England in the 1980's. Leary talks about his first trip, LSD, Millbrook, and partying with celebrities in LA.
Topics: LSD, Millbrook, celebrities, millbrook
Timothy Leary Archive: Videos
A video from Japanese television of a show called Hara Juku that is about the internet from 1996.
Topics: Japanese television, internet, hara juku, internet history
This video is a documentary called How Timothy Leary Changed My Life, a film by Claire Burch. (part 1) It has recollections by several people on LSD experiences and meeting Leary in person.
Topics: LSD, The Sixties, claire burch, documentaries
This is video footage of a conversation between Timothy Leary and Paul Krassner at a cafe in Los Angeles. Introduction by Zach Leary. A conversation in American politics and society in the 1990's.
Topics: American Politics, The 1980's, Los Angeles, George Bush, predictions, zach leary, paul krassner
Video footage of a speaking engagement in Los Angeles by Timothy Leary. Introduction by Zach Leary. Leary discusses Cybernetics, LA lifestyles, Abbie Hoffman, War on Drugs, and predictions for the year 2000.
Topics: Cybernetics, The 21st Century, Tom Waits, Los Angeles, War on Drugs, Reagan, politics of the 1980s,...
Timothy Leary Archive: Videos
by Hyperdelic Video
This is a video of techno music and experimental video by Hyperdelic from the 1990's.
Timothy Leary Archive: Videos
by Michael Horowitz
This "homemade" video of interviews and conversations with Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson is from the Michael Horowitz Archive.
Topics: vhs, Timothy Leary, Robert Anton Wilson
Source: VHS Panasonic AG-1980>Panasonic DMR-E30>CDR via OSX
This is a series of video shorts produced by Retinalogic in the 1990's featuring music videos by Unrest and Mother Thongue as well as two public service videos of Timothy Leary: "Think for yourself" and How to operate your brain".
This is a video of footage of a Lecture/Performance by Leary from the 1980's. Leary discusses conspiracies, prisons, the space shuttle, and death.
Topics: conspiracies, prisons, space shuttle, death, lectures
The first part of this video is directly recorded from MTV by Timothy Leary over a first part of a lecture by Leary and Ram Dass. The first music video is by Crosby, Stills and Nash: "The Walls will Crumble Down". Filmed in Potsdamer Platz, Berlin on the night after the Wall fell in 1989. The second wideo is by Tears for Fears: "Seeds of Love".
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Topics: Film, biography, actors
This is video footage of Timothy Leary giving a lecture on software and emerging technology in the 1980's.
Topics: Cybernetics, software, emerging technology, lectures
A video montage and digital rendering of the astrological chart of Rosemary Leary produced in 1993 by Oracle Science International.
Topics: Astrology, Rosemary Leary, oracle science international
This is some video footage of Timothy Leary debating DEA Chief Benzinger at California State University in the 1990's.
Topics: DEA, Drugs, War on Drugs, chief benzinger, California State University
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This is footage from a lecture by Leary on Quantum Philosophy at the Echo Saloon in Hermiston, OR on April 9, 1989.
Topics: philosophy, Quantum, emerging technologies, lectures, quantum philosophy, echo salon
Timothy Leary Archive: Videos
This is a video of a run-though of
Topics:, emerging technology